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From Kevin, the newest bread (and pizza) fanatic that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from. In this case regarding his efforts to get his own sourdough starter culture going. Here’s his post:

After a few failed attempts with the bread flour, I switched to whole wheat in hopes of a better outcome, and it finally worked! I began to believe that the wild yeast in the valley where I live simply had no interest in cooperating so I started a new batch and took my wife to San Francisco to catch the real thing. We drove around the wharf holding my opened container of water and flour out of the window for an hour at least. After stopping for lunch at the home of the worlds greatest pizza (Tony’s Neopolitana in North Beach) we headed back to the valley and 48 hours later BINGO! Cant wait to use it in our new pompeii oven we just built!! Thanks for all your help!! Ciao!!

A True Dough Nut

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4 thoughts on “A True Dough Nut

  1. Rachel B

    That’s so awesome! I wish I had thought of that. I live in the valley too and had to go through a few tries before success.

  2. Lee Smith

    This is a classic. I imagine a microscopic little man with a proportional butterfly net running around San Francisco snagging yeast out of the air. I’m an engineer, and I wonder if Kevin is also. We are famous for doing outrageous, but logical stuff that “the others” wouldn’t think of, or dare to do if they did think of doing.
    Long live my man Kevin.

  3. Mary Lynn

    I am a brand new fan of No Knead Bread. I received from Breadtopia a day ago my oblong La Cloche, and proofing basket. I have just taken my bread from the oven an hr. ago. It looks beautiful. I had already used my La creuset to make 3 other loaves. I must say, this is very forgiving recipe, because the first loaf, I think I left out 1/2 – 1 cup of flour. The batter was so wet I could hardly handle it. It had the lovely holes, but was not dense, like the other 2 loaves . They all tasted delish.. Thanks Breadtopia for this lovely website and all the helpful info. I have been baking bread the hard way, since the late 50’s while in highschool! My huband loves the texture and taste of the No Knead and so do I. So see, you can teach “an old dog new tricks. Now to tell all my foodie friends of about your site.

  4. Christine Hunt

    Wow! That’s dedication or is it desperation? Either way it’s a funny story with a happy ending. I hope your new starter and your new oven get along well and you produce many good loaves and pizza parties!

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