North Carolina should change its nickname from the “Tar Heel” state to the “Artisan” state. And Asheville, NC might rightfully lay claim to the Artisan Bread Capital of the World. Nowhere else will you find such a assemblage of talented bakers and quality hand crafted breads.

AABF_LogoOnce a year, most of these bread artists gather at the Asheville Bread Festival to showcase their goods. The event is busy and there’s a lot to take it, yet it’s still intimate enough to enjoy interacting and chatting with the bakers. This years festival also attracted some of the most respected big name bakers in the US — Craig Ponsford, Peter Reinhart, and Lionel Vatinet. Several workshops and lectures could be attended for $10 each, representing one the greatest bargains in the history of the world (don’t tell the event organizers).

I attended both of Craig Ponsfords excellent classes. I’m a big fan of Craig and love what he’s doing with with whole grain flours. Assisting Craig was fellow bread savant Mike Zakowski (check out this cool video). Meanwhile, Denyce enjoyed Peter Reinharts class on gluten free baking.

Asheville is a great town in its own right, so plan to go next March and spend a day in artisan bread heaven. For us, it was an absolutely wonderful day.


2 thoughts on “Breadtopia Visits the Asheville Bread Festival

  1. Fred Thompson

    I have 2 45-minute video recordings of Peter Reinhart’s sprouted grain seminar. They were made with an iPad from a distance. I can crop, fix audio and post to YouTube if anyone is interested. I’ve also get a few from my cell phone of Dominique Homo’s shaping session. At least one person there appeared to get great iPad video. I’m hoping to find copies of that. Can anyone help?

  2. Frederick

    I thoroughly enjoyed your report and video on the Asheville Bread Festival. There’s nothing like enjoying good bread (home-baked as well as artisan) in the midst of these beautiful mountains … I have ever since moving here 25 years ago!

  3. This is great! Thank you for sharing. How wonderful that you folks could attend.

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