We’re going to be teaching live and interactive bread baking classes for beginners on Powhow starting in March. Powhow is a very cool new website for live how-to classes using your webcam. The vision of the company is to enable anybody to teach and share their passions with anyone around the world.

Currently classes can accomodate up to 12 students. That number will increase to 20 soon. Last week we ran a test class with a couple of folks at Powhow, Ben and Rachel. I had a blast and more importantly, Ben and Rachel turned out some awesome bread with little or no prior bread baking experience.

There is normally a (relatively nominal) charge for taking classes on Powhow but our first two classes will be free while I get accustomed to how it all works. I don’t have the times and dates of the free classes yet but if you or someone you know, who is a beginning bread baker, is interested in taking a class, please use the contact link at the top of this page to let me know. When I get the details nailed down, I’ll send out an email and see how quickly we get 12 people signed up.

Attendees will need high speed internet access and a webcam on their computer. We’ll cover the bread baking tools and ingredients needed in the email.

Rachel used all King Arthur Bread Flour in this beauty

Ben's bread is made from a mix of white and whole wheat flour

5 thoughts on “Breadtopia on Powhow

  1. Renee

    I’m interested in your class. When will you be offering it?

  2. Christine Hunt

    Hello Everybody,
    I’ve been playing with my starter for a few months now. Most everything has risen and turned out good enough although sometimes the “sour” isn’t as strong as I’d like.
    I want to make a spice cake with dried fruit in it. I know that I will need to add some baking soda to it, but I want to know why? Most cakes call for baking powder. Why is it that if I use a starter I need to put in baking soda? What’s the scientific reason?
    Also, I would like to use a recipe that has been proven by somebody who actually uses starter. I’ve tried a few recipes out there on the web but haven’t been satisfied with the results.
    Anybody out there have a good spice cake recipe for starter to share? I just took my starter out of the frig and fed it in preparation so the sooner the better for me!

  3. Terry

    I would be interested. I have a high speed connection and a HD webcam.

  4. Karla Heithoff

    I would like to take this class. Thank you,

    • I will certainly email you when I know the specifics. Thanks for your interest.

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