I made croissants this morning, my first ever foray into the pastry world, normally the domain of my wife. You’ll have to trust me that they were a lot better than they look. It’s 9 pm now and I’m finally recovering from a croissant induced coma.

There are some other cool things you can do with laminated dough. I’ll try fruit Danish next time and maybe pick a day when I don’t have to drive or otherwise be functional.

I’m wondering if it would be valuable to shoot a video to demonstrate how this novice can klutz his way through a challenging recipe and still achieve praise worthy results.

Next time I’ll work on the presentation. I thought that part would be sort of easy. Boy was I wrong… as you can see.

Eric's Croisssants


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  1. laura


  2. Linda

    Go for the croissant video Eric! On the others – I made the spelt bread the other day, and it was fantastic. I was about to request one, with a recipe for sour dough rye, and the notice of the new Rye video came to my in box so thanks.
    A tip – while the plastic bags work well, I use the plastic disposable shower caps that are always provided in hotel rooms. They are inexpensive, and reusable. With the elastic, they conform to whatever size of bowl you are using.

  3. Barbarainnc

    Great job, love the shape of them, do a video for us to see how it’s done!!!

    Please do a video on shaping Danish Pastry. I can make the dough, but want to learn all the Danish Pastry shapes. !!!!!!

  4. Hi there!

    I hope you do the croissant video. I know how to make them as well as brioche, but I love watching the video’s. You come across as an expert, I know that’s not your intention, but it makes it entertaining and informative. I’m just wondering what you’ll do that different from what I do. I’m looking forward to it. Also, I like the shape of your croissants. They look fun to eat!!!
    Thanks and happy baking!!!

  5. Bobbi

    yes please do make a video. Your croissants make my mouth water, they are beautiful. I am new to breadmaking just made my fourth loaf the other day, I am loving it and want to branch out, I would really feel accomplished if I could make some croissants!

  6. Brenda

    Please make the croissants video…I would love to make some and I know I would do it if I could watch a video…thanks, bren

  7. Madelyn

    I would also love to see a croissant video. I’ve gotten hooked on a local baker’s croissants in Manayunk, PA (Philadelphia) but being an avid baker myself have been wondering how they are made.

  8. Lee Ann

    Eric, those are cute, hehe..

    Amazing coincidence, I was just looking at the Ciril Hirtz books and DvD’s thinking about branching out..

    I would LOVE it if you made a video on croissants, yours are always so clear!

    Happy Holidays,

    Lee Ann

  9. You’ve invented a new shape! Don’t call them croissants, call them escargots and voilà!


  10. Steve

    Please make the video for the croissants.
    I was given this site by my physical therapist after one of our conversations turned to bread-making. I have been making bread since my mid-teens, I am now 50, but I have never gone much beyond basic bread. Currently the only bread we eat on a regular basis is fresh ground 100% whole wheat. This may be heresy, but we use a Zojirushi bread-maker and it works fabulously. It takes less than 4 hours from grinding the wheat to hot ready to eat bread.
    I am now motivated to expand my horizons. I just purchased some pineapple juice to make my own sourdough starter.
    Thanks again for the exciting and motivating site.

  11. Lee

    If they taste better than they look, they must have been FABULOUS.

  12. I will definitely make a croissant video. But I’m all excited about an awesome (I think) sourdough rye bread I just have to do a video on first. So it’ll be a few weeks. Maybe less.

  13. Susanne

    i would love to see a video too.
    i’m making the spelt and country bread after got inspired by your videos. we love croissant too and would love to see how to make it.

  14. Marianne

    I’d also enjoy watching a video about baking croissants. They look really nice and flaky! 🙂

  15. Vicki

    I would love to see a video of how you made them.

  16. Thanks for the nice feedback and encouragement.

    I followed the croissant recipe from Ciril Hitz (www.breadhitz.com) book entitled baking artisan bread. Next time I think I’ll try a recipe from Esther McManus who did a croissant show with Julia Child. The actual recipes are very simple. It’s the process of making them that’s rather elaborate.

  17. Paul

    So, tell us which recipe you followed! I’d love to give that a try!

  18. Jody

    I think this is great. If everything you did turned out perfectly the very first time, it’d scare some of us away! I live in the land where croissants are readily available and taste fantastic, so I am not too likely to attempt something this challenging. If you made a how-to video, however, I’d watch it and consider someday gathering enough courage to take the plunge.

  19. wic

    I think they look stunning, delicious and not like croissants. I adore them.

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