This is Galen in York, Maine. Out with his buddy, Brian, enjoying some of the best surf they’ve seen there. We had a fun time shooting the action. Hang around til the end and catch a glimpse of Liza and Denyce.


11 thoughts on “Maine Surfing

  1. wow

  2. its me test

  3. test 2

  4. test post

  5. uploading Ferrari image

  6. another test

  7. test with new code

  8. G & L

  9. Definitely a worthwhile thing to try and get down pat!

    It’s funny we’re posting to this page. I use it for testing stuff and didn’t think anyone actually knew about it. I’m glad you do though so I can ask you about your photo upload. I just added this feature last night. When you upload a normal size photo it resizes it to a small thumbnail which when clicked on (click on my test upload above), it expands to normal size.

    So did you resize your image first because when I click on it, it stays small?

    If you have a regular size photo (of the pastry, hopefully) could you upload that in another post here?


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