Hamburger BunsFor your next grilling opportunity, try making your own hamburger buns. These worked out well for us.

It’s Eric Kastel’s recipe from his book Artisan Breads. Only I used about 40% finely milled whole spelt flour instead of all white. They turned out light and tender thanks to the enriched dough (called for milk instead of water and a good bit of butter).

It’s a “same day” recipe. Started it at 8 am, we were eating at 1.

Hamburger Buns

Hamburger Buns

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4 thoughts on “Hamburger Buns

  1. Craig Highberger

    I also am looking for a hamburger bun recipe without having to buy a book. Any help???
    Thank you,

  2. Simon

    I am with John.. Can we have the recipe posted please?? thanks

  3. john currie

    does one have to buy the book to get hold of the recipe?.
    kind regards, john currie.

  4. john currie

    those buns look great, any chance of the recipe please.

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