Meeting Treska

Meeting Treska

We met Treska Lindsey and her daughter at the Asheville Bread Festival in March. Treska, now 88, is an author and illustrator, mostly of children’s books, who survived the Nazi occupation of her native Belgium as a teenager. After WWII, she came to the US, married Bob Lindsey and settled in the mountains of North Carolina.

We were especially enchanted by “How Batistine Made Bread,” a book about how a six year old makes bread from scratch (starting with harvesting the wheat!) Besides having children help you make bread, the book is a wonderful way for children to connect with making bread at home.

BatistineOriginally published in 1985 under a slightly different title, “How Batistine Made Bread” was picked by the “New Yorker” for its yearly list of best children’s books. In 2010, she had it reprinted due to popular demand.

You can check out it and other books by Treska on her website — You will not be disappointed.

How Batistine Made Bread