I guess it really depends on how you look at it. If you’re talking about the No Knead technique, you could argue that it only takes a few minutes of work. Angie at Sassafras (the company that makes the Cloche clay bakers), on the other hand, is quite emphatic that it takes FOREVER!

I’ll admit, this drawing of hers makes a compelling argument in support of her position. 🙂

Bread Time

How Long Does It Take To Make Bread?

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7 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Make Bread?

  1. Hi Sharon,

    No. In fact I think the bread comes out best when you don’t.

  2. Sharon

    Is it necessary to pre-soak my Romertopf immediately prior to baking bread in it?

  3. Susan Ayers

    Where does one get the clay oven bread pots ?

  4. Doug in Raleigh

    I’ve been enjoying no-knead bread since I read about it in the times, but I enjoy the almost no-knead recipe better. When I use most wholewheat flours, I use twice as much bread flour as wholewheat; however, when my wholewheat flour is King Arthur’s, I use a 50:50 blend of the flours with good results. I have yet to try the yeast you recommend (although I did buy some from you), but I have had good results with Fleischmann’s Breadmachine yeast.

    Also, I noticed that in your video on the almost no-knead you say cook uncovered for 10 minutes, while the written recipe says 15 minutes. My best results are with 32 minutes covered and 13 minutes uncovered.


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  6. sandy

    Hello. When I click on May 2008 to read all this months posts, nothing comes. What else do I need to do to read everyones comments? thanks, sandy in fl right now in nc

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