Dianna Wara of Washington, Ill., was the winner of Wednesday’s National Festival of Breads baking contest.

Contestants from around the country gathered in Wichita for the event sponsored by King Arthur Flour and the Kansas Wheat Commission.

There are some fun videos on the National Festival of Breads and other wheat related videos on the Kansas Wheat web site.

Illinois Woman Wins National Bread Baking Contest

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4 thoughts on “Illinois Woman Wins National Bread Baking Contest

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Your plans sound great.

    Poilâne is the name of a famous Parisian baking family whose bakeries in Europe thrive under the management of 3rd generation Apollonia Poilâne.

  2. Patrick

    Hi . recently ran across your sight. I’ve been baking the no knead way for quite some time. I was surprised at the phenomenon it has become. Shortly will be moving to country to live a self sustained lifestyle (chickens, rabbits , goats , cheese making , and of course baking). The no knead method fits perfectly into a busy life on “THE FARM”. House wives of days gone by would have loved the time savings.
    One question, I’ve seen the word “polaine” used , what is it?
    Thankyou for such a wonderful site, I’ll be ordering la cloche soon
    My respects —Patrick Rafferty from Michigan

  3. Thanks Dick. I updated the link.

  4. dick

    Your link no longer works. If you go to:


    There is a setup where you can see the video, the photos and the recipes.

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