Making Bread Together, by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou

Making Bread TogetherThis bread baking cook book should be in every home where there are children. It’s designed for adults and children to bake together, or for older children to bake with little assistance from adults. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou invites kids into the kitchen so they, too, can discover the joy of baking at an early age.

He answers key questions such as ‘what is flour?’ and ‘how is it milled?’ and offers projects throughout the book such as growing your own wheat, caring for your sourdough starter like a pet, and experimenting with fermentation using a bottle and balloon. In this way Hadjiandreou brings to life the key scientific principles (and magic) of turning flour, yeast, and water into something edible and delicious.

He relates so well to the young baker, having a young son of his own, and provides explanations that are complete yet respectful of a child’s intelligence. The writing is superb, and the photographs are stunning. As in Hadjiandreou’s book “How to Make Bread”, they were taken by acclaimed photographer Steve Painter. They show children doing the measuring, mixing, and shaping, empowering even the youngest child to become part of the age-old tradition of baking. After looking through this book, my three-year-old grandson rushed to the kitchen eager to make nearly every single recipe!

The recipes are many and varied, from savory, hearty breads and pizza, to sweet muffins and gingerbread cookies. Nutritious, delicious, and fun to bake together! There’s surely something in this book for even the pickiest of eaters.

Making Bread with Kids – Book Review

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  1. I was always fascinated with the idea of making homemade bread growing up. I never thought it was possible when I was in elementary school and ate mostly processed sweets and breads! So seeing a book like this that educates kids on cooking and baking bread, I think, is absolutely awesome!

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