srpie.jpgIn celebration of Spring, which always seems a long time coming here in the Midwest, I’ve posted a video of Denyce making an  awesome strawberry rhubarb pie. As the former owner/operator of Busy Bee Bakery, she does have a knack for making fine things consisting primarily of flour, sugar and butter.

A warning is in order though. Unless you actually want to learn to bake a great pie, this one is a bit on the long side. Nonetheless, you’ll hopefully find a worthy tip or two in there somewhere.

ww.jpg More in line with the main theme of Breadtopia, I’ve also produced a 100% whole wheat bread video. The recipe is from King Arthur Flour’s sorta new book on whole grain baking. They modestly refer it as “the Holy Grail of 100% whole wheat bread”. That certainly caught my attention. It’s no doubt one of the lightest all whole grain breads I’ve made, and fairly simple too.

In the next video installment, I’ll document my attempt at duplicating what many consider to be the real Holy Grail of whole grain (sourdough) bread plus a short video on one of my latest no-knead sourdough favorites.

Feel free to contribute your comments, corrections, questions and baking wisdom. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction I’ve had with many of you over the past few months.

Of Pies & Bread – New Videos Posted

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3 thoughts on “Of Pies & Bread – New Videos Posted

  1. HI, just found your website, its great.
    Bob, I have a lot of rhubarb, can I make bread in a bread machine, and add rhubarb to the mixture. if so do you have a recipe for this.
    thank you

  2. Hi Bob,

    Congratulations on your first loaf. You’re proof of the flexibility of the no knead techniques.

    I’ve not used a dutch oven yet but read plenty of accounts of others saying they do prefer using a smaller size, one that will shore up the edges of the dough resulting in a more desirable shape. Plus I would think confining the steam from the baking dough within a smaller space would be beneficial.

    I can’t remember what that optimum size is, but I seem to recall something closer to 4 quart.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.


  3. Bob Packer

    I did my first no knead from your sourdough recipe last weekend.
    It had a really nice crunchy crust (from the cornmeal?)but the interior was a bit gummy. I, unfortunately, did not remember to use my instant read thermometer.
    However, not a piece went to waste. And I didn’t share very much!
    I cooked in a 12 quart cast iron Dutch oven and I think perhaps part of my problem was that the oven was too big for the amount of dough.
    Do you have any experience with size affecting the product?
    I have my scouts out looking for a smaller one now!


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