New Videos Posted – Simple and Delectable Pizza Dough


Pizza DoughHow popular is pizza?

Ed Levine’s book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, claims that pizza is the single most popular food in the world. Americans alone consume 33 billion dollars worth of pizza annually from the 63,873 pizzerias.

Peter Reinhart, author of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, writes that “pizza is the ultimate food”.

Nancy Silverton, of La Brea Bakery fame, turned her considerable baking talents to pizza and recently opened Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles. It’s wildly popular and you’re lucky to get a reservation.

Given the incredible appeal of pizza, wouldn’t it be nice to turn out a great pizza in our own kitchen?

If you’re already baking bread at home, you know that it’s not difficult to produce a loaf that’s infinitely better than most store bought varieties. The same is true for pizza. And as with bread recipes, pizza recipes vary from complex and lengthy to quick and easy. I was surprised to find that even a fairly quick and easy recipe, baked the right way and adorned with quality toppings, could be amazingly good.

Pizza DoughSince quick and easy recipes are far more likely to be made at all, that’s what I’ve chosen to post to the Breadtopia web site this month. I think these pizza dough recipes and methods strike a nice balance between time, effort and quality that’s suited to our sometimes harried lifestyles. The effort required is minimal considering how gratifying the rewards.

I hope you find the videos useful. In one I bake the pizza in the oven and in the other I use our outdoor grill. The grilling option is a nice one especially on hot summer days.


One thought on “Baking and Grilling Pizza

  1. Not only is the grilling option nice on hot summer days, it produces, for my tastes, a better tasting pizza. Thanks for an easy to follow and appetizing recipe for one of my favorite foods!

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