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Danish Aebleskiver Pan

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Danish Aebleskiver Pan

Delight your family and friends with Aebleskiver pancakes! As a Danish breakfast specialty, Aebleskivers are traditionally filled with apples but are equally delicious when filled with chocolate, peanut butter, berries or savory ingredients such as bacon or ham.

While they may look daunting to make, the art of preparing Aebleskivers is quite simple. Use any pancake or waffle recipe or mix, create your own favorite filling – try jams, nut butters, fruit, chocolate chips or cheese. Just pour batter into pan, add your ingredients, turn the pastry once to cook on both sides and enjoy with various toppings, syrup or butter. Try Aebleskivers as appetizers.

Your pancakes will cook evenly and cleanup will be a breeze due to the pan’s cast aluminum construction and nonstick coating. Always use plastic or wooden utensils to flip them as they cook to maintain the integrity of the nonstick on your pan. The Danish Aebleskiver pan is Nordic Ware’s hallmark original items that has survived the test of time: You will not be disappointed with this product. Today, two out of three American households own and use Nordic Ware – shouldn’t you?

  • Made in the USA
  • Makes 7 spherical pancakes at a time
  • Makes a fantastic cooking project for kids and families; be creative with fillings
  • Makes a novel addition to any breakfast or dessert offering
  • Easy to make – turn once in the pan for perfect, round pancakes
  • Works with any pancake or waffle mix
  • No need to mix ingredients from scratch
  • Nonstick coated for quick release and easy cleanup
  • Manufacturer’s 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Overall Dimensions: 16.37 in. long x 9.312 in. wide x 2.375 in high, wells 2.25″ diameter

Nordic Ware – Keeping Jobs in America Since 1946

Nordic Ware is a family-owned American manufacturer of kitchenware based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nordic Ware’s first products were ethnic bakeware products such as the Rosette Iron, Aebleskiver Pan and Krumkeke Iron. As an innovative manufacturer and marketer, Nordic Ware is best known for its Bundt Pan.

At Nordic Ware, they are proud to manufacture their products in America because they believe that keeping jobs in this country benefits everyone. Nordic Ware is also providing jobs for hundreds of people in America at a time when most manufacturers have moved overseas.

More than 300 people in their local community are able to support their families because of these jobs. This also results in countless jobs for other American workers employed by the suppliers they use on a daily basis.

Providing jobs in the United Sates rather than sending money overseas is one key to Nordic Ware’s sustainability strategy.

Sustainable Business Practices at Nordic Ware

Being green is not a fad or trend at Nordic Ware; it is something they have been practicing for many years. They firmly believe that sustainability is no longer an option; rather, it is a requirement. Nordic Ware takes pride in having sustainable business practices and making continual improvements to their manufacturing processes each year. Consumers can be confident that their products are made in the USA under fair labor practices and meet or surpass stringent US environmental standards. They believe these are just a few more reasons that consumers prefer their products.

Nordic Ware has been awarded the Green recognition awards by both their city and state for being leaders in reducing the environmental impact that businesses have on their community. Because they manufacturer in America, they can carefully monitor and control the materials and the processes they use, creating the smallest eco-footprint possible, while companies producing overseas may not even know what goes into their products.

Danish Aebleskiver Pan

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