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Artisan Dough Tray Kit

Perfect for pizza doughs

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Artisan Pizza Dough Tray Kit

Durable, Stackable and Precision Made Pizza Dough Proofing Trays
When you make your own homemade dough, you will have a compact container in which to let the dough proof (rise) on your counter or in the fridge. Excellent for keeping dough fresh and easily accessible when cranking out those wood fired masterpieces (think pizza party!).

Each Tray is sized for proofing 6 10 oz. dough balls. The trays nest together air tight to prevent crusting to keep your dough for long periods of time, allowing a full fermentation which produces better dough. The kit is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Tray inside dimensions: 16 x 11 x 3″

The DoughMate® Artisan Dough Tray Kit Includes:

  • Two DoughMate® Dough Trays
  • One DoughMate® Dough Tray Lid
  • One DoughMate® Putty Knife Dough Scraper

DoughMate® has the world’s finest pizza dough management products since 1988. They are the leaders in the dough handling business, considered the best in the industry. Their products withstand the rigors of restaurant duty and are suitable for home use as well. These are currently used by the largest pizza chains that deliver their fresh dough from commissaries to their corporate and franchise stores.

Testimonial about DoughMate®
“As a trainer to the artisan wood fired pizza industry, the quality of our dough is paramount and as I travel around America doing what I do, I quickly learned that all dough boxes are not created equal. Doughmate is the only dough tray (box or tray, whichever you prefer) that has a tight enough seal when the trays nest together to ensure I don’t have air leakage which causes a leathery skin to develop or excessive condensation buildup when I’m using cold fermentation. I find the tight seal and sturdy construction a huge asset as we endeavor to achieve excellence in the dough making process.”

“As a side benefit, we are also pleased with the very reasonable prices!! Also, the white dough scraper they’ve created is a clever little tool that you’ll soon wonder how you ever got along without.”
Michael Fairholme, Wood Fired Consulting, 925-286-4240

Artisan Pizza Dough Tray Kit

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