Large Danish Dough Whisk


Danish Dough Whisk

Once you've used this dough whisk, you'll count it as one of your essential baking tools.

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Once you’ve used this dough whisk, you’ll count it as one of your essential baking tools. It’s perfect for mixing heavy dough prior to kneading. Way better than a spoon and whisklarge240much easier to clean.

Sturdy and well made of a beechwood handle and stiff stainless steel wire head. Flow-through wire whisk design blends ingredients thoroughly and gently. Overall length: 15 1/4″

Tip: Rub a little food grade mineral oil (available at any pharmacy) into the handle periodically to prolong its lifespan.

“I don’t know how I got along without this! Mixing dough with a spoon or spatula was like slogging through quicksand, but this sturdy whisk just slices through. Its rounded shape makes it easy to scrape the sides of the bowl so everything is incorporated, and so little sticks to it that it’s really easy to clean. Besides, it makes me feel “professional”. Love it! Thanks for the great product and the great service!”Margaret, Ball Ground, GA
“Yesterday the postman delivered the Danish Dough Whisk I ordered last week. So I immediately set about preparing a dough (which is now proofing after an 18 hour rise). It is truly a magic wand — so effective and so easy to clean. Thank you, Thank you!”Karil Rauss, Zurich
“By the way, the dough whisk is a tool I consider wonderful and absolutely essential.”From Brian Avery in British Columbia
“The dough whisk is an amazing tool. Before getting the whisk I would use a regular whisk for mixing the dry ingredients and then a silicone spatula for mixing in the wet. What a difference the Danish whisk makes. Better mixing with less effort.!”Rick Clare, Ontario, Canada

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