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Escali Pana Smart Scale

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Product Description

Digital Kitchen Scale for Weighing and Volume Measuring

A unique measuring system

A cup is a cup is a cup – or is it? Measuring cups can yield different results depending on the density of  the ingredient and how the cook packs it.

The Escali Pana scale solves this problem. It is the first kitchen scale to provide accurate volume measurements in cups and tablespoons. This scale comes preprogrammed for precise volume measurements of ingredients commonly measured in cups and tablespoons, offering new dimensions of accuracy and convenience.

This multifunction all-purpose kitchen scale also measures weight in grams, ounces or a combination of pounds and ounces.

Pana’s handy tare feature will work with most kitchen bowls. This allows you to reset your scale to zero for each ingredient added.

  • Capacity: 13 lbs or 6 Kg.
  • Measuring units: cups, tablespoons, pounds and ounces, ounces, and grams
  • Displays Ounces in fractions or decimals
  • Accurately measures in 1/8 cup, ½ tablespoon, 0.1 oz or 1 gram increments
  • Preprogrammed with more than 150 ingredients that are commonly measured in cups and tablespoons
  • Tare feature subtracts the container’s weight to obtain the weight of each ingredient added
  • Removable stainless steel plate for fast & easy clean-up
  • Automatic shut-off feature ensures long battery life
  • One heavy duty 9V battery included (AC adaptor optional)
  • Includes easy-to-use operations manual including ingredient codes and laminated ingredient code list
  • 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Kitchen Scale – Escali Pana

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions .1 x .1 x .1 in

3 reviews for Kitchen Scale – Escali Pana

  1. 1 out of 5


    This scale is terrible. Our scale doesn’t work. When I add coffee beans in grams the scale won’t change and I am sure I have added more than a gram. I take the coffee beans off the scale reset the scale and weigh it again . It shows a different weight. Today I was weighing ricotta cheese. It weighed 1 lb 3/4 oz. I wanted to remove enough to get to 15 oz. I scooped some cheese out and the scale said it had only gone done 1/2 oz. When I reset the scaled and weighed what I had taken out that amount was more than 2 oz. I am a cook who weighs not measures. This scale has been a pain for me all year. What a waste of money.

  2. 2 out of 5


    The build-quality of this product is sub-par. The buttons are a cheap film bubble. They look like the would crack within a couple years of regular use. The base is cheap, low-density plastic. One tumble from the counter, and you would be out one kitchen scale. The measuring of “cups and tablespoons” is a gimmick, and of little use when you are using anything other than main-stream flours and oils — and it truth, it is just faster to use a cup or a table spoon. I just cannot believe that I paid $54 for this, when my old scale, about $30, was far superior in build-quality.

    The one thing I will give this scale is that it has a nice, large pan, so everything you weight won’t be such a balancing act. The scale works. I’ll use it until it breaks, or until I find my ultimate kitchen scale (whichever comes first), but honestly, I’d pass on this one. It is full of gimmicks, but the the quality just isn’t there.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Best Scale out there – I have been using this scale for almost 4 years now. I use it to weigh my flours, milk powder, oils, seeds… even mashed bananas!! When I’m making two loaves of bread at once, I use waxed paper, and put the entire dough ball on the scale. This allows me to weigh have both loaves equal in weight. The tare feature allows me to use practically any bowl and to keep adding items to a bowl. The pre-programmed feature is simply the best. At first I thought I’d need the adapter, but with the auto shut off feature, I am still on the original battery. This is a scale I use for everything, even weighing foods for my diet. I am very happy with this, and will use it for years to come.

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