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217 thoughts on “Thanks For Subscribing

  1. Cathy

    I am so new I tried two recipes with some yeast and they both went outside to the birds because they didn’t rise.
    I found out later that they needed to bubble before they went into the flour. LOL!

    So, this breadtopia will be the best place I’ve ever visited when I actually make something I can eat & enjoy!

    I am starting out to make the sourdough starter… looks easy after your video. I don’t know for sure but are there changes in recipes depending on the kind of four you use? I tried spelt and would like to use it but not sure what recipes to use?
    I see that I have more questions than answers but I learn quickly.

  2. Paul Tomlinson

    Hi I have a Romertopf “Dutch Oven” I baked a loaf of no nead bread this morning…. All gone now! I’m going to try placing two small metal bread pans in the Romertopf and try baking the same as for the no nead loaf. Question? I’m not likely to destroy the Rt am I ? I’m going to cook from cold, placing the pans and the cold Rt in the cold oven set at 200c and cooking for about 45mins.,then removing top and browning for about another 10mins or so.
    Have you any suggestions
    Paul T

    • I doesn’t seem likely to me that any harm would come to your Romertopf.

      • Paul Tomlinson

        Bread came out perfect. Great crust, great texture, great taste. Will now place a larger bread tin in the Romertopf to make a more traditional sandwich loaf. I’m in Queensland, Australia and temperatures are a little warmer 28-35c so I don’t prove as long 6 to 8 hours seems to work ok.
        Happy New Year to all

  3. liz

    hi .. love your videos. you make breadmaking so easy. i am gonna try the spelt bread. as i do not have a sourdough starter, i will be using instant yeast. could you tell me the amount of instant yeast to a 1/4 cup of the starter ? thank you !

    • Hi Liz. You could try 1/2 teaspoon and see how it goes. There’s no formula that translates perfectly.

  4. kofi

    thanks for reviving home breadmaking on vedio.thankx.

  5. Joseph

    Sourdough Baguette!!!
    Thanks to all those who post here for the inspirations! Love this site!!!

    • Carlos

      Good job buddy!

  6. Richard

    how can the volume of a loaf of bread be measure.

    • John

      length x width x height = volume

  7. Phil

    Today is the 5th day and I found what looks like mold on top. Looks like tiny little hairs or a spider web.

    Is is spoiled? Do I need to try again?

    • John

      Sounds like there was not enough air getting to the bread. An air tight container will make the bread “sweat”. Water (sweat) and the bread will give you mold.

  8. Matt

    What is the equivalent for sourdough starter and active dry yeast? Is a approximate rule of thumb for 3 to 3.5 cups of flour, about 1/4 cup starter?
    Please help.

    • Hi Matt,

      There are no rules for this. Too many variables. I take a guess and if it works, then it was a good guess.

  9. Steve

    Hello Eric. Just a note to say thanks for the excellent sourdough starter.
    In the past I tried starting my own starter but never got close to your mail-order starter in activity and rise.
    So with your starter, I just baked my first sourdough boule and I am happy. My dutch oven was too big and the loaf did not touch the sides. The bottom just burned because I forgot to turn down the oven after the 20 minutes with lid on. When docking there was a considerable skin so I butchered the top but it came out ok to me.

    Thanks again.

    • It came out great!

  10. Hi Eric, I just watched your video on sourdough starter from scratch. I will attempt to make it with emmer flour, since, at least for now, I am not eating regular wheat. I’m hopeful that it will “do it’s thing”! Though, with lower gluten, it may take longer, I am guessing.

    Thanks for the video instructions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    ~ Erika

    • Hi Erika,

      Just a quick note, in case you didn’t know, we’re now carrying organic emmer flour and emmer berries in our store. We’ve had einkorn for some time, but the emmer is new:

  11. Leo

    The website says you need to activate a new starter at 90 degrees for 24 hours. How important is it to do that vs. keeping it at room temp?



    • I’ve never done that . I imagine it accelerates the process but it’s certainly not necessary.

  12. Yvette

    I’ve decided that baking would be my new hobby, as a mother of two under 3 all the down time between resting, rising, laminating and whatever else the recipe calls for is perfect. And knowing that my children are snacking on foods that are as healthy as I can make them removes all the guilt from my mind when they are gobbling down chocolate chocolate whole wheat veggie pancakes. Thank you for sharing your talents, I will be posting the bread recipes I take from your website. I’m excited winter is around the corner I will be making the Croissants. Have you tried making Whole wheat Kouign Amann???

    • Hi Yvette,

      I haven’t yet tried Kouign Amann using whole wheat, but they’re on my (exceedingly long) list. I think they’d be incredible.

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