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Thanks Again

66 thoughts on “Thanks Again

  1. Francine

    I have tried your recipes on a couple of occasions and they always turn out great. I just took this fragrant loaf out of the oven. It smells HEAVENLY! It’s your “favorite rye bread recipe of all time” made with instant yeast. I can’t wait to cut into it and release even more wonderful aromas! Thank you for your interesting website and easy tutorials.

    • I can smell it from here. Wonderful!

  2. Margie

    Hi, have recently discovered your website and have significantly re-kindled my bread making mojo! Have had great success with the Sicilian no knead bread! Baked in a cast iron Dutch oven. Would love to get the proofing baskets. Do you ship to Australia? Thanks.

    • Hi Margie. Yes we do. You’ll see Australia in the country list in the shopping cart area.

  3. Thanks for the recipe, Susan. I love olive bread.
    I always use parchment paper, for the rise and the bake. It’s convenient to just lift the risen dough (which is on the parchment paper) and place it in the pot. I reuse it a couple times, as well.

  4. A Loaf for 2: I have modified the no-knead sourdough recipe for a smaller loaf, suitable for a couple. Starting with 1/3 c sourdough starter and 3/4 c water, mix in 1 1/2 tsp salt and 1 1/2 tsp sugar. Mix in 2 cups of flour. I live in LA and it has been so dry that even the flour has dried out, soo you may want to add 1/4 c more flour. Mix, cover, and let rise about 18 hours in a drafty, cool house. Then shape loaf and let rise on the counter for 1 1/2 – 2 hours. Bake in cast iron pot at 450F for 25 minutes, remove cover and bake 15 minutes. I have successfully added black oil-cured olives, raisins and dried cranberries at the shaping the loaf stage.
    I’d like advice on my one issue: despite my flour infused towels dedicated to bread-making, the dough will still stick. ????

  5. Zsuzsanna

    Thank you for your website! Here is my success :))!

  6. Lauraelisa

    I love your website. I was born above my parents bakery. Just the smell of bread brings memories and joy to my heart. Now, with your excellent instructions, I would be able to bake.
    Thank you!

  7. I love your site! Great recipes and easy-to-follow videos. Terrifico!

  8. Rita

    Hi. Wonderful website. I love your videos.
    I made the PJ starter, feeding with UAP flour and on day 12 made the no knead with whole wheat and rye and put it in the fridge for 2 days. Big bowl, covered with a plate. It did not look good when I took it out and smelled funky… grey on top, some liquid oozing out around the sides. I checked underneath and there were bubbles so I tried anyway throwing a generous amount of white flour on top and underneath, hoping to appease the bacterium and shaping into a round. It started rising… after 3 hours I squished, folded and shaped again. waited about an hour or two and put it in the hot covered baker . It looked lovely on the outside, but uncooked.
    My question is, do I have to use a whole wheat/rye starter with whole grain recipe? What do you think happened in the fridge? not enough food for the 1/8 cup sourdough?

    • Linska

      This sort of happened to mine as well. It rose in about six hours to the top of the bowl but when I backed it the inside was not backed enough. The texture was fine, nice holes etc. but still kind of raw.

      • Linska

        (sorry baked not backed in my previous comment!!)

        I watched a relative bake this bread in another city with total success and was very excited to try it myself! It is warm and humid and maybe that affects the process as well. My started is a San Francisco started that I started in 1975 from a package. Sometimes it sits for weeks in the fridge unused but still seems alive when I re-activiate it.

        • Alex

          To make your oven more humid, throw ice cubes in the bottom when it is on. It works!

  9. Johnny combs

    I ordered my sourdough starter from breadtopia about a month ago and have been baking bread and other sourdough goodies since then. Your videos are so great instructing a beginner on how to bake a GREAT loaf of bread! I am having a ball and my family loves my sourdough creations, Your information is so good I have not had a failure yet! Thank you!

  10. Michele

    I LOVE Breadtopia!!!! I have been trying to figure out how to get the correct texture for SF sourdough and stumbled on your website last night. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks!!!

  11. Mike

    Looking forward to start making bread. Totally new at this. Discovered a baparoma bread combination in the garage. Went looking for how to use it and found you. Wow! Have a big green egg barbeque and I want to get to a place I can bake bread in it. Have yet to make my first loaf.
    Will be ordering stuff shortly

    • cynthia

      New to the site as well and just saw your big green egg comment…and I have one too!!! Ohhhhhmagoodness I am going to try it! Thanks for the inspiration…I am such a beginner but am enjoying the journey!

  12. Deb

    How do I know when my rye bread is at 200 degrees??

    • CarolynF

      Use an instant read thermometer.

  13. Carmen

    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and suggestions!
    I successfully managed to make my own sourdough starter and I already made two of your recipes, the sourdough spelt bread and the rye bread: FANTASTIC!
    I do have a question though. Do you know how to convert a recipe that uses dry yeast into one with sourdough starter? I have some recipe where I would like to substitute the dry yeast.
    Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Lyn

      If the recipe calls for 1 1/2 tblsp yeast I use 1 1/2 cups sourdough starter….leaving everything else the same….works for me…good luck

  14. Valerie

    Just found the site hope to try all the great bread recipee thanks for letting me in

  15. sally

    i was just gifted a sourdough starter here in my new home in the UK– so glad to find your site for simpler instructions to wrap my head around the 3 day method! cheers!

  16. Phil

    As of day 2, Mr. AllThumbs has a starter that’s perking along just fine, thank you. I chose to use mostly rye flour and the scent is heady. Looks like there’s sour dough bread in my future! And pizzas. And yeast rolls. And pancakes. How sweet it is! I mean sour! (-;X

  17. Agi

    I am now trying to make my own sourdough breads and your website really helped with all the questions I had. Thanks for all your helpful tips, the videos are great!

  18. Sheryl

    My starter is working very well! I just did my second whole wheat sour dough bread sandwich loaf with great results with the almost no knead resipe. My husband is thrilled. I have made the sanwich bread in white whole wheat and rye we love them all. Thank you for the wonderful site and video’s. They have been a great help for starting my starter and all the recipes.

    • Hi Sheryl,

      So glad to hear your bread baking is working out so well.

  19. David


    I left a not in the section on Ed’s Sicilian bread concerning
    the “cold” method of “almost-no-knead” bread. The method
    was vetted in America’s Test Kitchen, and it works. I just
    finished a loaf of Ed’s bread a few minutes ago. If you don’t
    have access to CI, let me know, and I’ll send the piece for you to
    post if you think it worthwhile.

    • Hi David,

      If you have something that I can just cut and paste into a post, that would be great. Thanks.

  20. Sonja from Ireland

    Thanks for the video instructions! They are extremely helpful to me. I often find that the little tricks mentioned in the videos really improve my bread baking!

    I was wondering whether you soak your Romertopf in cold water before putting it into the cold oven. I heard that this technique helps with the creation of steam. Would you recommend soaking it when baking bread, or does it only apply to cooking meat and vegetables? Do you think the Romertopf could eventually suffer/crack when always used without soaking?

    Many thanks in advance!


    • Hi Sonja,

      I always preheat my Romertopf before putting in the dough because I like the way the crust turns out this way. With this method, soaking wouldn’t help because it would all evaporate off before baking. There’s enough steam coming from the baking dough.

      People do it all kinds of ways and it’s really a matter of personal preference. I haven’t experienced any problems with cracking after several years.

  21. Tom

    I haven’t used my starter in over a month, it has been on the counter top in the kitchen. Our kitchen stays pretty cool. Anyway it has the clear liquid on the top, but also seems to be growing a white powdery type thing on the surfaces. Does this mean the starter is bad?

    • Rick

      That is a long time to go without eating. Starters, like us, need to be fed. Try reviving your “friend” by throwing out all but 2 Tbs of the starter and feeding it equal amounts of water and flour (100 grams each , roughly 1/2 cup water and 3/4 cup flour). Feed him twice a day( throwing out all but 2 Tbs each time) for a couple of days and see if activity starts up again.

  22. Anne

    I just want to thank you for your wonderful videos and your easy to understand instructions and also for your great recipes with the instant yeast alternative included. You have helped me so much and explained in such great detail that my no knead bread has turned out wonderful each and every time ……….I’m so glad I found your site!!!!
    Oh, and also your easy manner and encouragement has enabled me to experiment and actually enjoy the process of baking bread. Thanks again, Anne.

    • Thanks for your nice comments, Anne πŸ™‚

  23. Mike B

    I recently purchased a red clay baker at a thrift store. It appears to be made of similar material to a Romertopf and unglazed. It has no marking on it as to manufacturer. It is about 14 inches long and 6 inches wide. The bottom is flat – the sides are 2 inches deep. It has a wheat stalk design on the cover and an oblong handle made of the same material as the top and bottom pieces. From its shape, it certainly appears to be designed for baking bread (it still had cornmeal stuck on the bottom when I purchased it). At any rate, I preheated it in a 475 degree oven and used it to bake a loaf of no knead bread. It produced quite a bit of smoke throughout the baking and the fumes produced were increasingly unpleasant to my nose and eyes. When I finished baking my bread (which turned out fine), both long edges on the bottom were uniformly discolored a medium gray and there was also a thin grey streak running down a portion of the top piece. Is anyone out there familiar with this baker? Has anyone had a similar experience when using a clay baker? I would appreciate advise as to how I go about determining if this baker is safe to use.

    • john currie

      hi mike b, i bake my bread in 9 inch clay flower pots (terracotta), and at the start of my bread making i suffered just like you from stinging eyes and choking and a very smokey house. a friend who is welsh and this is were the clay pot idea comes from asked if i had seasoned them, which i had not.he informed me to paint them with warm vegetable oil and bake at least 3 or 4 times, it has worked for me mike so i hope it does the same for you. kind regards, john.

      • Mike B


        Thanks for the tip. Do you paint with the vegetable oil just once? Do you put them in the oven empty? Do you wipe them down between bakings? Thanks again for your help!

        • john currie

          hi mike ,you brush with oil and bake at 200. and repeat the process 3 or 4 times because each time you bake them the oil is absorbed by the clay.
          good luck john.

        • john currie

          sorry mike, yes you bake empty.

          • Mike B

            Now you can understand why I posted on this : thanks again!


  24. Doros

    Hi there! Im a fun of homemade bread and i find this webpage excellent! Im from Cyprus which is in the other side of the planet and its amazing to find out that we have so much in common about bread baking. We also use sourdough starter for our traditional bread but we dont use the no knead method. We prepare our starter just once and then every time we bake cut a small piece from
    the dough, we let it rise and then we keep it to the fridge for the next time.
    I have tried sime of the no kneed recipies and i found them interesting but i believe with kneeding the results are better.
    I will be back with a traditional recipie from Cyprus soon.
    I would like to buy some baking tools you have like the wisk and the clay pots. Is that possible?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Doros,

      It’s great to hear from you. I would love to see your traditional Cyprus bread recipe. I would like to post it on our site. Any bread photos you can email to me would be nice too.

      I have added Cyrus to the country list so it is possible to purchase products. The dough whisk would not be too expensive to ship but the clay pots would probably cost a small fortune. You can add items to the cart to check the shipping charges.



  25. Stella Harr

    Is there a recipe for sour dough bread after you hae made a starter? Also, how important is it to have purified water?

    • Sure, lots of them. Check down the left column of the home page

      You can get by without purified water, but it’s easy to just let tap water sit in a pitcher overnight and the chlorine on most tap water will evaporate out.

  26. Diana

    Fabulous website! I am hooked on making bread for the first time in my life because of you and the gift of a sourdough starter. What joy. Thanks for all your effort and building this wonderful resource.

    • Thank you for your nice remarks, Diana, and best of luck with your baking.

  27. john currie

    where can i buy all the utensils for making this lovely bread i.e. proofing basket – baking pans – scrapers, i live in scotland.
    kind regards, john currie

  28. Great website!! I have been making sourdough for a while now, but your videos have taught me some new techniques. I will be experimenting a lot in the next few weeks, and I’ll use your website as my guide πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  29. send me new tapes on your recipes

  30. Lindsay

    My sourdough spelt miche—fresh out of the oven! I’m pleased and proud!

    • Lindsay

      I’m a tad disappointed that when I cut into the loaf it wasn’t cooked well in the centre. I cooked it in a metal dutch oven without the lid. I can see that a thermometer is a must and perhaps with my unpredictable oven, the covered clay cooking vessel would help . Oh well…it’s a learning process and I am happy with my efforts in every other aspect. Whole grain sourdough is up next and it’s looking good rising so far!

      • Sue

        First loaf I made of the no knead I cooked it in cast iron dutch oven and was not really pleased with the way it came out. I have
        I have since been baking my loaves in Romertopf clay pot and they are turning out just beautiful.

  31. Lindsay

    My first italian bread. Again, it’s not as dark as the picture shows. Onwards to Spelt sourdough when my starter is ready.

    • Great job on both loaves, Lindsay! I’m deeply disappointed I’m not there to help you eat them :).

      • Lindsay

        They looked beautiful and I was pleased with that but they were quite dense and a bit heavier than I imagined. Is that over kneading ? Perhaps I’m looking for a lighter french bread? Anyways, that’s also on my to do list, as well.

        • Did you knead it with a machine? It’s really hard to over knead by hand. Not so sure that would be the problem anyway. Don’t know what it could be either without knowing more.

          • Lindsay

            No bread machine for me at this point, I’m totally enjoying the hands on experience!

  32. Lindsay

    My first challah! It looks darker than it really is. My pug Mabel was deeply disappointed to discover it wasn’t a turkey!

  33. Carol

    I just got a bosch mixer and I am having a terrible time trying to get my kneading right. I make an italian bread -my hubbys fav- and it is very different with the bosch. I used my KA and got great bread but the mixer died and I moved onto a Bosch. I have not had a decent loaf since. I feel sure it is me, not the Bosch but I am at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated. PLEASE

    • John Foren


      Did you learn how to make the Italian bread?

  34. I just finished to watch the video for the 100%Spelt flour and got all the Q&A I was thinking about.
    I came back to my mock SD Spelt that was bubbling like mad and mix it with 100 gr of my Rye SD and now I’m waiting for it to transform into a new SD. Then I will go through the recipe. It’s pretty much looking like a no knead bread which I experiment many many times in the beginning of my road with the breads. I’m now searching to help two friends with a problem with tolerance to gluten, but they both can have some rye and spelt. I might look at mixing the splet with some chickpea flour and make the recipe more gluten free. First I will stick to this recipe. But I still have a Q. : Is honey can be replace by molasses ?
    I also found this gloves to work with the hot oven and hot tins, that I saw on Eric’s hands and straight away order 2 pairs… one for the bread work and one for my kitchen stove and sitting room fire which I feed with wood and I have numerous burnings scares on my hands…. the big mitten gloves are so clumsy and not very pratictal so I work with bare hands… not anymore after I will receive the new mittens !

    • Hi Bee,

      Yes, you can use honey in place of molasses in the same amount.

      I would be very interested to know if you find something that your gluten intolerant friends can tolerate. Good luck with that.

  35. Terry Verstuyft

    I just subscribed to breadtopia and i really love this site. i have started my very first starter and it is happily bubbling away. I will be making a loaf or two of the “no knead sour dough” very soon. Thanks so much!!!

  36. I just started my first sourdough starter last week and made some honey wheat English muffins – which were great. I am sooo looking forward to making my own no knead sourdough bread.

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