I love it when I hear from people who are psyched about their bread baking results. Tom was kind enough to share his excellent baking adventures with us.

By Tom’s account, his initial no-knead bread trial didn’t go so well. As he put it, “the bread had a great crust, looked awesome, but as reported elsewhere in Breadtopia, the inside was a nasty, cake-like, doughy mess”. So his success the second time around was all the sweeter. Again, from Tom, “I cannot describe the elation I felt opening the dutch oven and seeing the loaf; could barely wait the 15 mins of coverless cooking.”

And this from a $14 Dutch oven…

See also Oct. 13 update below


Toms No Knead Bread 2

Toms no knead bread

Toms No Knead Bread 3


Oct.13 Update:

I greatly appreciate Tom’s baking fanaticism, I mean passion. This just in…

From Tom:

“Some pictures from this week’s bread adventures…

The garlic clove bread LOOKED great but was a bit too dense and not as flavorful as i’d hoped. I’d guess the moisture from the garlic caused the density; next time I’ll back off on water.

But last night’s wheat/white was a stunner, the perfect recipe. I am also using sea salt.

For the garlic clove, if anyone wants to tweak it, i added chopped cloves of garlic at the fold-into-loaf before 15 min rest stage. Sprinkled a bit on each fold.

More video at youtube later today, cutting the wheat/white. I accidentally left the video on and recorded how foolishly i cut the bread, and almost my fingers!!”




Garlic Clove No Knead Bread

Garlic Clove No Knead

Garlic Clove Crust

Garlic Clove Crust

White / Whole Wheat

White / Whole Wheat

White / Whole Wheat Cut

White / Whole Wheat Cut

Tom’s No Knead Bread Ecstasy

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8 thoughts on “Tom’s No Knead Bread Ecstasy

  1. Yes. I’ve done this a fair amount and it works just fine.

  2. Hello. If I wanted to try the recipe and get two loaves, would I just double all the ingredients? Has anyone done this? Thanks, Sandy in fl but still in nc

  3. Win McCombs

    Do you give out the recipe for your holiday special already baked (you just heat them up) rolls? We had some over Easter and they were delicious!

  4. Yes, no and yes.

  5. Lori O

    Couple of questions: Can you bake regular knead bread in a clay baker? If so, do you do the 2nd rise in the baker? Also, is there any danger that the cooler dough would crack a heated clay baker? Thanks!

  6. Carl’s recipe?

    You might get better oven spring putting the dough in a hot Dutch oven or La Cloche.

  7. rlabohn

    on the 3rd sourdough loaf..looks and tastes great…but why cant i get it to dome???i am using the Carls recipe,tthat is rising in the pot and putting into a cold oven..at 450 for approximately one hour

  8. I’m working on loaf #3 myself, with 1 and 2 being acceptable but not ideal. The relevant bit is that I did cut my finger (well, thumb) mighty deep with the giant bread knife. Suffice it to say crust #2 was far too hard! 🙂

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