This is the beginning of a resource of instructional videos on using an Uuni wood fired pizza oven.

Please ask questions and make video tutorial requests in the comments box below.

Wood Pellet Hopper

I normally check the pellet level just before putting a new pizza in. This way if more is needed, the pellets will have time to light up before the fresh pizza goes in. Sometimes it’s also worth giving the pellet hopper a little tap from the back with the hopper lid to make sure the pellets aren’t stuck. (Specifically from the back as if you do it from the front you end up loosening it)


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4 thoughts on “UuniVersity

  1. Tom Witman

    I’ve now made two batches of pies with my Uuni 2. The first batch of 3 were perfect. Today’s batch indicated that the oven was MUCH hotter as I burned them in less than 45 seconds for each side (turn 180*). I had taken the pellet hopper out between firings to clean it. The height of this hopper must be a critical adjustment for temperature as it was higher the second time, allowing more pellets to flow into the fire box. It seemed to use more pellets too. This must be the mysterious Air Flow Regulator that is hinted at in some FAQ’S on the Uuni site.
    It might be worthwhile devoting an episode to properly setting this height and then perhaps scoring the hopper tube to hit the same ‘sweet spot’ if disassembling it.

    The bread recipe from the Uuni site is excellent, by the way! Over all, I am very impressed with the oven. Step 2 in the instructions is incorrect, as the screws do nothing. Also, I recommend tightening VERY WELL the bolts for the legs so they have some resistance and stay up or down. Lastly,when tightening the screw for the pellet hopper, it pushes the hopper into a canted position, which, while functional, looks odd. Perhaps some more thought needs to go into that securing method.

    I written to Uuni but have not gotten replies via their website or FB page.

  2. john s mcmaster

    I got hit with the baking bug later in life and finding breadtopia was a real jewel. their equipment and books has made me a much better baker. the one thing I have always wanted was a wood burning oven after having neapoliton pizzas in Italy. I will at first be using an American test kitchen recipe for an oven that bakes at 550 though very good dough and ingredients it simpley can not replicate the 700 plus degree pizzas I fell in love with. I am born raised in Chicago and thought I knew pizzas,but after to many trips to Italy I was reborn. again I will order toward spring time. I think breadtopia has found a winner here
    thanks again

  3. I purchased the UUNI from Breadtopia. When I received it I was really excited and assembled it immediately. Mixed up some dough as was ready to make some pies. Unfortunately the fan ran for a brief couple of minutes and died. The fan is critical to the functionality of the unit. I called and left a voice message with Breadtopia as well as an email (I called after hours). Eric was on the problem immediately and sent a replacement fan. When I attached the fan to the battery pack it didn’t work. As a backup I purchased additional fans from another supplier and they didn’t work either. At that point it was obvious the problem was the battery pack. Went to Radio Shack and purchased a new battery pack and tested it on the original fan before leaving the store as I had already made the dough the night before and wasn’t going to be deterred a second time. It worked fine. Fired up the UUNI and made 4 pies. They were excellent. I have searched the Internet and have wanted to build my own wood fired oven for over a year. I have to say that if you like making your own pizza and want a wood fired oven to do it, this is the one for you. It is work every penny and as a bonus it is transportable so I can take it camping or wherever I go and still enjoy homemade pizza. d

  4. Kristian,
    I have been so waiting for your oven to hit the US market. I saw your earlier videos and looked around for any clue as when it would arrive here. I am so glad you are marketing this through Breadtopia as I have been a customer of theirs for over a year now and trust them very much. Going to order an oven this week end. Do you have any plans on offering a higher domed oven to bake breads? I would buy one of those as well. Good luck and thanks much for getting this product to us here in the States.

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