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Uuni Now Available in Our Store

Here’s something exciting for the gazillion people who love wood fired pizza. Pizza enthusiast and inventor, Kristian Tapaninaho (right), has invented a light weight portable wood fired oven named Uuni, designed to replicate world class pizza at home. Only this one will set you back a mere few hundred bucks vs many thousands for a brick oven.

Uuni Pizza

Uuni (meaning “oven” in Kristian’s native Finnish), burns the same wood pellets used for pellet stoves and can bring the oven to a near ideal temperature in the 7-800F degrees range in a just 15 – 20 minutes, hot enough to turn out your dream pizza in under 4 minutes. The finished model is expected to weigh about 11 lbs and measure 5x14x19″. An accompanying user manual will include recipes for pizza dough, naan (an Indian flat bread), Finnish flat bread rieska and more. (Pizza baked in Uuni oven pictured above.)

Here’s a video from the Kickstarter site that Kristian use to raise venture funds:

My first two thoughts when learning of the Uuni were, “wow, I want one” and “wow, if these really work well, I’d like to offer them in the Breadtopia store.” I can’t recall the order of those thoughts, but I did pre-purchase one and was soon on the phone with London based Kristian, inquring about dealer opportunities. BreadtopiaOvenHe has yet to decide on how they will be distributed, but whether or not we carry them, I’ll demo mine and report my findings here on the Breadtopia site. I’ll compare the Uuni to our existing wood fired oven, our outdoor grill with grilling stone and our regular kitchen stove. Should be loads of fun.

uuni_pizza_ovenAs of late January (2013), Kristian was still refining some design elements ahead of the Feb 28 pre-order deadline. Delivery is expected sometime this summer.  If you wish to be notified of my review, use the Contact tab above and send me your email with the word “Uuni” in the message box.

Note: Detailed images and exact specs on the Uuni are purposely unavailable while Kristian secures patent protection.

July 14, 2013 Update: As is common with just about any new product launch, this one is taking a bit longer to roll out than originally hoped, due mostly to a couple of late design tweaks. However, the first production run has shipped to early Kickstarter investors. Here’s a photo of them from the Finnish manufacturer ready for shipping: UuniReadyToShip

I received a preproduction model with scant little instruction but found the set up and operation fairly straight forward. Got the oven up into the 700’s F degrees quickly and knocked out a few test pizzas with very encouraging results. Im taking the oven on vacation later this month and will post more details when I return. See this post:

Uuni Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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66 thoughts on “Uuni Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  1. Tina Louise

    Please put me down for one!

    • Hi Tina,

      They’re in stock now. Click here.


  2. Great new, folks, the awesome Uuni pizza ovens have arrived from Finland.

    It’s been a long wait, but I love that Kristian (inventor) put so much attention and care into the final touches. The Uuni is getting great reviews from Kristian’s first deliveries and is being sold in Selfridges in London (voted ‘The World’s Best Department Store’ last year). I hope we have enough to get us through the holidays.

  3. Casey Powers

    Please notify me when the Zuni is available to order and any additional information.

    • Will do. Getting very close.

  4. Kit

    I really like the look of this oven !
    Can you use fire wood?
    Or only pellets?

    • Only pellets.

  5. Jim Lewis

    Please send the price and availability.

    • $325 plus shipping. End of month if US Customs isn’t too slow.

  6. lowell

    I need an Uuni!!! Please put me on the list

    • Will do.

  7. Erica

    Could you keep me informed about the Uuni. I would love to buy one.

    • Should have them at the end of the month. Working on customs paperwork now. Would rather be eating pizza.

  8. Peter

    Found this while surfing and looks like it may save me from building a bigger brick oven. Please let me know when these are available.

  9. Jason Valenta

    I’d love to hear more about this product. Saw the video a long time ago when he first posted and thought it was a great idea but was slightly turned off by the ash and coals coming out the front and of course possibly on the pizza.

    Would love to see one of your excellent video posts making a whole wheat dough and using this bad boy. Also, Eric, can you add me to your list? Thanks.

    • Hi Jason,

      That will all be happening over the course of the next couple months. Uuni is just getting going. I didn’t have any issues with ash or coals in my prototype trials. At least not any more than I (or anyone else) would get with any wood fired oven. Gotta have a little ash on your pizza, right?

  10. Sue

    Just so you know we got ours. Works beautifully. Still trying to get the best pizza, have to take time to gage the unit. LOVE it.

  11. I would love to have one of these ovens. We had thoughts of building an oven but this would be perfect. Where can I up?

    • I met to say sign up? thank you

    • Hi Dana,

      I’ll add your email to my Uuni notification list. We’re look at (roughly) 6-8 weeks from now before we get some.

  12. John McFadzean

    Are there units available for purchase, what is the price, please? What are the dimensions and weight for shipping (or bringing home on an airplane)? We are located in Canada, is there a retail location I can purchase here? Are you still looking for a distributor in Canada?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • We should have some in about 6 weeks. They’ll be $225. Don’t know what shipping to Canada will be. You can contact for distributorship opportunities in Canada.

      • John McFadzean

        I would like to be added to the list as we want to purchase one now. Please let me know when available and we can discuss delivery or freight. Thanks. John McFadzean

  13. Steph

    This is exciting!!! Glad to hear you received the Uni and it works well!! I sure hope the Uni’s are going to be available to other consumers, I missed the Kickstart 🙁

    Thanks for the update!!

    • rhea

      Mailperson just delivered my UNI!!

      have plans for tonight, but better believe I’m mixing up my dough tonight for tomorrows pizza!!

      • person


        • Rhea

          1st time try was promising. Too much vino setting it up clouded the adventure.
          On African holiday now will try again in a week when I return to the states.

    • Steph – they certainly will, it just may be closer to the end of summer.

  14. rhea

    Just checked my tracking. My oven arrived Stateside, so I should have it this week!!

    • It shouldn’t take long. Kristen sent me a preproduction model to test out and it arrived within a couple weeks. I’m very happy with it by the way. Made a few pizzas before taking off on a trip. I’m leaving again shortly on a family vacation and actually shipping my Uuni ahead so I’ll have more time to play with it and share some results (oh, and to enjoy some awesome pizza on vacation!).

      Threw this pizza together. Took 3 1/2 minutes in the Uuni. A little char on the underside.

      Unni Pizza

      • sue

        How do I get one?

      • sue

        How do I order?

        • There’s still no hard date on availability, but good progress is being made. Kristian’s priority is to do things well, including some late design refinements and insuring manufacturing quality. I’ll add you to our email notification list.

          • sue

            Thank you

          • George Ann Over

            please put me on the list re: UUni oven info

            • Will do.

  15. Rhea

    I recived an email from Kristen July 8th saying they have shipped from Finland. Wonder how long it takes.

    • rhea

      Got It today!!
      mixing up my pizza dough for tomorrows fire up

  16. sue

    are we any closer to being able to purchase?

  17. Sheila Pethoud

    Can’t wait till they are available. Please keep me posted as to when and put me on the absolute list to buy one!!! Thanks


    I am very interested in UUNI oven. Want to teach pizza making to kids at risk and foster kids in my community.Please let me know when and how I can buy one. I am doing this project on my own and this looks like an affordable option for me.
    Thanks for a terrific site and sharing your time and expertise with all of us in the Breadtopia world!

    Happy baking,

  19. Nick B

    Hi guys,
    I was fortunate enough to borrow one of Kristians sample Uuni ovens to cook 20 pizzas for a party last weekend. As a kickstarter backer, I am just as excited as you guys to get hold of my one. But my god, the pizzas were great. The oven was really easy to start up, and it got really hot – so hot I singed my eye lashes and eye brow when I was looking in to see a pizza 🙂 i also used his pizza dough recipe ( google crofton kitchen) which was really nice. Only problem was that I couldnt get the pizza dough base thin enough. They should have been about 9.5 inches, but mine were about 8 inches. Still tasted brilliant though. That will come with practice… On the whole though, it worked better than I hoped it would. I cannot wait to get my one!!

  20. Jeff B.

    All, I recently have given in to the health craze of eating more fruits and vegetables, and cutting back on bread. Hardest thing ever, because that’s why we are all here. But, I still have some bread, because life would otherwise be no fun. Before cutting out the mass consumption of bread I use to do before my new health regimen, one of my favorite things was to make pizzas based on Eric’s BBQ pizza video here at Breadtopia. Anyhow, I did find a really good oatmeal/whole wheat pizza dough recipe that I think is a good balance between cutting out bread, and at least making what you do eat more healthy. It works great with the super peel and the other pizza methods discussed here at Breadtopia. Enjoy.

  21. Christina

    Please let me know when they are available!

  22. sharon ellis

    uuni please inform me 🙂

    • sharon ellis

      Whats the price on this item? Please keep me informed.
      Thanks 🙂

      • sharon ellis

        Do you have any idea on what the price of the uuni is going to be yet.? Estimate price range ??? I would like to get one when they become available. Please notify.

        • Probably pretty close to $300 plus something for shipping.

  23. Luan

    P.S. I just found your wonderful website so I missed out on the opportunity to preorder. Any chance of getting one when they become available?

  24. Luan

    Love the idea of a light wight, rapidly heating, high temp pizza oven at a reasonable price! If he makes them available I definitely want one! He should do well selling these.

  25. Jeanne machata


  26. Peter

    very interested

  27. Things are progressing well with Uuni. Kristian has the final prototype near completion, then production begins in Finland. Still on track for delivery this summer. I’ve got my supply of wood pellets on hand. Will keep everyone posted on significant developments.

    • ROBERT

      add me to the list for Uuni, thanks

  28. Diane

    I just found this and I’m too late to preorder! But I want to get one when it comes available again. I’d love to hear more.

  29. Sue

    when does this actually become available?

    • Sometime this summer is all we know at this point.

  30. Ted

    I’d buy one! Please keep me informed about the Uuni!

  31. sue

    Can’t WAIT, please notify.

  32. Tini

    Can’t wait! One Uunni please.

  33. Sue

    Please notify me.

  34. richard

    please notify me when the uuni is avaiable to purchase

  35. Please keep me informed about the uni. I wish Kristian the best.

  36. GGC(Garden gourmet Cafe

    Looks potentially Good..I’d like to hear more about it…

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