It’s been a good day.

Maybe this photo of Denyce’s cake will save me a thousand words.  Think chocolate and raspberries.

I brought up the rear with a Coconut-Chocolate Bread recipe from Jim Lahey’s new book, My Bread. Hard to go wrong with 1 1/2 bittersweet chocolate Lindt bars per loaf. Used sourdough starter in lieu of dry yeast .

Then a nice walk in the serene snowy woods before logging yet more time taking in some winter Olympic action.

Another Denyce Masterpiece

Jim Lahey’s Coconut-Chocolate Bread

Valentine’s Day in Breadtopia

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day in Breadtopia

  1. Dave Keller

    Your new rye recipe came out beautifully. What is your recipe for sourdough starter, and it’s maintainance?



  2. Connie Riley

    Just now have gotten the starter going following the video instructions. Smells terrific already. Very anxious to try the first loaf but have to wait till the roads are cleared to go to grocery. Thanks for the help,Connie

  3. Wil

    Eric, I can’t duplicate the “yummies” but a picture of a whole lot of snow, here in Maryland, I can do. Denyce’s cake looks to good to cut and we can smell your Coconut – Chocolate bread right through the Internet. Good going with the sourdough!

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