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About Breadtopia

If there is a better smell in the universe than baking bread, I’d really like to know what it is.

And the flavor and texture of warm, home-made bread, fresh from the oven, feeds your body and your soul like no other food. Not only does the aroma of bread in the oven automatically cause all human faces to melt into angelic smiles, it actually makes you a better person. No, really!

So we at Breadtopia feel it is a moral imperative that everyone have fresh-baked bread as often as possible; the future of humanity may well depend on it.

We Breadtopians are what you might call pragmatic bread freaks. We live to push the envelope on baking the best possible bread that you can make in a standard home kitchen. For us, it’s all about reviving an artful alternative to the bland, nutrition-less, mass-produced food on grocery store shelves. And make no mistake: using inexpensive, but premium raw ingredients and a nominal amount of baking gear, you can make the best loaf of bread you’ve ever had — at home in your kitchen — with a total labor investment of about ten minutes. Yup, ten minutes (less once you get good at it).

In 2006, the NY Times published a story featuring NY baker Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread recipe. We ran with it and over years of experimentation in our own kitchen and via a collaborative effort of sharing the results of trial and error with our generous Breadtopia readers, we have created many variations and refinements of the basic no-knead method, including our own adaptation of the no-knead method to sourdough baking. It makes it super-easy to bake perfect, abundantly nutritious, impossibly delicious artisan bread at home. And that’s what we’re all about.

At Breadtopia We Know We’re Lucky!

If you’re lucky, your passion becomes your livelihood. In founding Breadtopia, I consider myself to be extremely lucky. I virtually cut my teeth on sourdough French bread in San Francisco, California, where I was born. And for many years I have loved baking.

In 1994, I was fortunate to marry Denyce with whom I share many interests and passions. For the next decade, we were involved in a range of business endeavors and projects, both apart and together. And all the while we were percolating our major baby— We launched in 2006 with a mission of ensuring that baking perfect bread at home is available to everyone. If we can aid in the development of a baking community—composed of new, veteran and constantly developing enthusiasts—all passionate about creating great, homemade baked goods, then we will count ourselves successful.

The Breadtopia Family

The thing about Denyce and me is that we are a lot like the fine folks who visit Breadtopia. It’s not just the fact that we love baking, but here in Fairfield, Iowa—about as breadbasket as America gets—we’re into a range of community and family oriented experiences, including sports, meditation, wildlife, the arts and nature. And Breadtopia has blossomed into a full-fledged family affair. Denyce’s fine son Galen (whose many beautiful photographs you may have noticed classing up the joint lately) and his multi-talented wife, Liza are essential parts of making Breadtopia what it is. And of course nothing makes it onto the site without passing a careful inspection and getting the nod from our ultimate taskmasters, grandsons Gray, Leo and Guy.

How do we survive? Along with all the information we offer on the site, we also carry a full range of baking supplies at bargain prices. So please take some time to browse through our store and to contact us (by phone or email, or through our forum) if you have any suggestions, can’t find a baking item that you need, or want to share recipes, photos, or a humorous or interesting baking anecdote.

I hope you enjoy our site. We are all looking forward to getting to know you and serving you.



About Breadtopia

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