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Artisan Bread Starter Kit — Round Cloche


Everything you need to make great artisan style bread


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Want to get started making delicious crusty artisan bread at home? This Artisan Bread Starter Kit which includes the famous round cloche and other popular and essential items will help you get there. Artisan bread baked in a Round Cloche turns out the crispy crust and open crumb artisan bread lovers crave.

The natural ceramic clay replicates the baking environment of a professional brick oven. With the lid on, the Baker traps the steam released from the baking dough, steam that is essential for great crust development. The domed shape also encourages a uniform circulation of hot air which is ideal for producing bread with a light crumb and crackly, evenly browned crust. The ceramic material distributes heat evenly throughout the body to reduce burning and overcooking.

Included with the Round Cloche:

  • Danish Dough Whisk – Our most popular product. Perfect for mixing no knead dough.
  • Silicone Dough Scaper – There’s no better tool for getting dough out of the mixing bowl.
  • Bench Knife – Gotta have one. Used mostly for dividing dough and getting sticky dough off the counter. Note: the bench knife you receive may have either the black or ivory colored handle.
  • Yeast – SAF Instant Yeast.
  • Brotform Proofing Basket with Liner – Traditional for rising dough.
  • Bread Lame – Score your dough like a pro.

*Save on purchasing the items separately, plus free shipping within the continental U.S.

Artisan Bread Starter Kit — Round Cloche

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