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Breadtopia Hearth Baker


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The Breadtopia Hearth Baker creates a traditional domed bread oven within your standard home oven, trapping the dough’s own moisture to create all-important steam during the early part of the baking cycle that is crucial for a good rise and a crispy, artisan crust.

Its size and proportions are designed to let you bake either of the two classic traditional loaf shapes — the round boule or the elongated bâtard (or “country loaf”) — and it can also easily accommodate a pair of demi baguettes. The expanse of the flat base does not artificially push up the sides of your loaf, so you get bread with the natural shape of loaves baked in a traditional bread oven with a flat stone base.

The clay we use is the same high-quality German clay that you find in Romertopf bakeware. Its thermal resilience lets you confidently pre-heat to 500ºF and then turn your dough out directly onto the base with no fear of cracking.

Finally, unlike dutch ovens or other large cast iron baking vessels, the total weight of the Breadtopia Hearth Baker is an easily manageable 7 lbs.


    • Accommodates both round and oval shaped loaves.
    • Oven safe up to 500ºF. Not for use on stovetop or open flame.
    • Manufactured in Portugal using the highest quality unglazed German clay. Lead and Cadmium free.
    • Weight (lid and base together): 7 lbs.
    • Exterior Dimensions: 15-in (length) x 11-in (width) x 6-in (height)
    • Interior Dimensions: 11-in (length) x 9-in (width) x 5.5-in (height)

Breadtopia Hearth Baker

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