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Dr. Oetker Dough Scraper Successor


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New from Germany. We’re calling it The Dr. Oetker Dough Scraper Successor.

Dr. Oetker stopped making their dough scraper but another company in Germany is filling droetkercomparethe void with this improved offering. It’s really the same as the original, only larger. The only complaint we ever heard about the original model was the small size. Many will appreciate the somewhat larger size of this new model.

Dough scrapers are another of those essential tools most bakers wouldn’t do without. This dough scraper is very well designed. Made of slightly flexible nylon with the rounded edge beveled, it does a great job of easily and thoroughly scraping dough from any size bowl.

Quick and easy to clean.

Measures 4 3/4″ wide x 3 1/2″

Dr. Oetker Dough Scraper Successor

  1. Carla

    I grew up with Dr. Oetker dough scrapers in our home and can’t imagine how people get along without them! They can also be used to scrape egg and cheese off of plates and pans before washing, and my mother kept one in her car to scrape ice off! I’m ordering a few for my daughter to have in her new place.

  2. Tom Chism (verified owner)

    My go to tool for scrapping the inside of any bowl with dough in it. I also use it to clean my cutting boards after forming loaves. just wet the surface and use the straight edge of this tool. Cleans the boards nicely!

  3. Dave (verified owner)

    Works really nice. I use it for everything, scraping the bowl or work surface even dividing the dough. My favorite scraper.

  4. Jeanette hershey

    I can not do without this great tool! I allowed mine to slip down onto the heating elements of my dishwasher. Oops! It’s still useable but I’m ordering another one and a spare. It’s that good!


    I added this to an order on a whim. It works better than any others I have tried.
    I have Corian counter tops, and need to be careful of scratching.
    This little scraper quickly cleans up stuck on bread dough and sticky flour. It also works as a dough cutter..easitly slicing through sticky dough to create uniform pieces.
    I made brownies today and every bit of the dough was cleaned out of the bowl! Just a wonderful little tool. MJJ

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