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Heirloom Blue Mushito Corn


Michoacán, México — 5 lbs

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Heirloom Blue Mushito Corn — Mushito Azul

Like its yellow cousin, the heirloom blue mushito corn is grown in the highlands of Michoácan in the heart of avocado country. The lightest, fluffiest varietal offered by Masienda, the masa boasts a steel-blue color and a grassy, creamy flavor.

The mushito landrace was first cultivated by the Purépecha people – the only indigenous empire the Aztecs never conquered due to the Purépecha’s master metallurgy skills. Perfect for tamales, corundas or the softest, most pliable table tortilla, this varietal has been a staple for any masa-based dish since the 14th century.



MasiendaAll corn from Masienda is completely non-GMO grown on small farms using regenerative agricultural practices. It has never been treated with pesticides or fumigants.

Every heirloom corn varietal comes from hand-selected seeds preserved by farmers for hundreds (and sometimes) thousands of years, with the flavor and quality of the corn further perfected with each passing generation. Heirloom corn is nothing like the hybrid corn that makes up 99.9% of what we know in the US (even the organic stuff): it’s the OG superfood.

Heirloom Blue Mushito Corn

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