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Heirloom White Bolita Corn


Bolita Blanco – 5 lbs

Oaxaca, México


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Heirloom White Bolita Corn – Bolita Blanco

White Bolita Tlayuda


Grown in the central valleys of Oaxaca, the bolita blanco has a storied history as the backbone of Oaxacan cuisine – specifically the tlayuda. Because of its dense, translucent starch, this varietal can support the large structure of the 13-15” tortillas without falling apart. It’s also useful if you want a masa dough crisp white in color. 

Though beneath the bolita’s tough facade, it has a softer side, especially in the application of the greatest soup of all time: posole. When nixtamalized, the bolita landrace blooms into the perfect, puffy posole kernel that boasts a soft and creamy finish. There is truly no better varietal for posole.






MasiendaAll corn from Masienda is completely non-GMO grown on small farms using regenerative agricultural practices. It has never been treated with pesticides or fumigants.

Every heirloom corn varietal comes from hand-selected seeds preserved by farmers for hundreds (and sometimes) thousands of years, with the flavor and quality of the corn further perfected with each passing generation. Heirloom corn is nothing like the hybrid corn that makes up 99.9% of what we know in the US (even the organic stuff): it’s the OG superfood.

Heirloom White Bolita Corn

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