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Tortilla Press by Doña Rosa


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Masienda x Doña Rosa Tortilla Press

Doña Rosa, the artist, engineer and architect behind this incredible tortilla press, first made her mark by selling them to locals in a market in Tlacolula, Oaxaca. This press is meant to be the first and last one someone ever buys, so we Americans became very lucky when Doña Rosa decided to make a limited supply for our partner vendor Masienda. 

Unmatched in its calibration and built like a brick house, these handmade presses do have small imperfections. Any protests will be met with a demand to make a tortilla press this great yourself.

But before you open your tortillería, here’s some required reading for proper pressing and cooking technique.





MasiendaAll corn from Masienda is completely non-GMO grown on small farms using regenerative agricultural practices. It has never been treated with pesticides or fumigants.

Every heirloom corn varietal comes from hand-selected seeds preserved by farmers for hundreds (and sometimes) thousands of years, with the flavor and quality of the corn further perfected with each passing generation. Heirloom corn is nothing like the hybrid corn that makes up 99.9% of what we know in the US (even the organic stuff): it’s the OG superfood.


Tortilla Press by Doña Rosa

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