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  • Artisan Bread Starter Kit

    Bread Baking Tools for Beginners

    Here’s a list of the basic equipment needed for baking artisan bread at home. For many of these items you may be able to repurpose things you already have in your kitchen, and other items you might want to invest in.

  • Home Milling with my Mockmill

    Milling whole grains in my Mockmill meshes perfectly with my three intertwining goals as a baker/cook: great flavor, high nutritional value, and convenience.

  • Mockmill 100 Professional

    Introducing the Mockmill Professional Line

    When it comes to the freshness of flour – for both flavor and nutritional reasons – my practice is simple: I virtually always mill my own flour at home for every loaf.

  • UuniVersity

    Instructional videos on using an Uuni wood fired pizza oven

  • Ankarsrum Videos

    Accessories for the Ankarsrum Mixer  

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