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Heirloom Blue Cónico Corn


Cónico Azul – 5 lbs

Jocotitlán, Estado de México


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My friend Armando and his heirloom blue conico corn

Heirloom Blue Cónico Corn – Cónico Azul

This blue cónico corn is grown by Masienda’s partner grower, Armando Guadarrama, in the highlands northwest of Mexico City where his family has tended his farm for five generations.  Armando exclusively uses blue cónico to make his tortillas, citing a tender texture unmatched in any other color varietal he grows. It also makes for a striking table tortilla with its natural slate blue presentation and nutty flavor.


This variety of blue corn has up to 20% more protein and much less starch than its white counterparts. Its deep purple-blue color comes from its rich anthonyacin content, the same healthy compound found in dark berries but with far more antioxidants. Blue corn just hits different, and this variety is no exception.



Bolita vs. Conico

Now let’s talk about corn guts and how it impacts our finished dough, or masa.

During the “pre-cook” phase, it’s important to consider a few things. First, there is the composition of the soft endosperm (or the white, soft, chalky substance inside each kernel). The more of this white stuff there is, relative to the rest of the kernel, the softer the finished masa. Next, you have the pericarp (or the tough exterior of the kernel that’s sloughed away during nixtamalization). When we nixtamalize, we’re trying to break the pericarp from the kernel, and in doing so, activating a key binding agent for our masa.

So when working with the blue cónico – one of the more floury varietals – it’s important to leave some of the skins on so your masa binds together and retains moisture. When working with our bolita friend on the left, feel free to wash more of that skin off.





MasiendaAll corn from Masienda is completely non-GMO grown on small farms using regenerative agricultural practices. It has never been treated with pesticides or fumigants.

All heirloom corn varietals come from hand-selected seeds preserved by farmers for hundreds (and sometimes) thousands of years, with the flavor and quality of the corn further perfected with each passing generation. Heirloom corn is nothing like the hybrid corn that makes up 99.9% of what we know in the US (even the organic stuff): it’s the OG superfood.



Heirloom Blue Cónico Corn

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