I have to share this “letter” I received from Elaine Cooper of Toronto, Canada. What a great idea and a lot of fun…

Hi Eric:

Last weekend my friend Mitch Rotman and I held a “Bread and Jam” afternoon soiree/salon. Mitch has been making a variety of jams and jellies for many years and we thought that it would be great fun to invite a group of friends to a “tasting”. Invitees were asked to bring either wine or cheese and a poem that relates to either bread or jam. They were also told that there would be a silent auction for breads and jams. It was a huge success. The money raised from the silent auction was to be given to a charity that we are all involved with.

I baked 10 varieties of no knead bread: the rye, multigrain, cranberry and pecan, the olive and Parmesan, seeded sour, corn bread with sun-dried tomato, seeded roasted barley, and a seeded multigrain with 20 grams of Cabernet grape flour. I baked about 18 loaves: one for the salon and the others for the auction. We started both the jams and breads at $20.00 cdn… Mitch’s wife insisted… yes they all went for much more than asking price.

Mitch had made his own labels and I made a label “Artisan Breads from Mizelaineous Bakery: a branch of Cooking for My Friends Catering.

All breads from organic flours and filtered water. They do not contain oil, sugar or eggs. Some do contain seeds or nuts.

It was a fabulous event.


Elaine aka Mizelaineous.

Bread and Jam Charity Fund Raiser

2 thoughts on “Bread and Jam Charity Fund Raiser

  1. Love the Bread & Jam fundraiser idea. Just wish there were some way to do that here in rural KS. We live in a tiny fading town where folks are not used to quality food products, decent produce and certainly no artisan breads. I have been making homemade jams, jellies & preserves for 6 mos as fundraisers for the local stray animals here. Each jam/jelly, chili sauce, “Kansas Red” Applesauce was named after one of the stray dogs and personalized. The funds go towards buying these abandoned animals more time at the clinic which serves as our animal shelter. Over Christmas I made many gift baskets, Xmas coffee mugs filled with homemade Peanut Butter/Oatmeal dog biscuits, a ceramic pair of Santa’s pants filled with 100 PB/O biscuits, old fashioned giant canning jars filled with layered cookie & bean soup mixes. etc. See my Youtube page “Can-Kan-Canner (Canadian-Kansan-Canner) to view some of my preserves, the buckboard wagon that displays them at the clinic and a few of my holiday gift baskets in an effort to raise funds for the passion of my life….those who cannot help themselves. Thanks for sharing your fundraiser project. Love it ! Keep shining !!!

  2. Trish

    I would love to have seen some pictures of the jams and breads – what a great idea!

    Have a great holiday, Eric –


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