Greetings Breadtopians,

We’ve posted a couple of new videos to our website that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Financier Pastry

Financier a la mode

One is of Denyce making up a batch of Financiers, a small delectable cake/pastry, popular in France, which will have you swooning with delight.

Couronne Bordelais

The other is Eric playing with bread dough to make a Couronne (meaning “crown” in French), a bread ring that’s fun and easy to make and perfect for special occasions.

One thought on “New Videos Posted

  1. I am shopping for a cloche and see two advertised here…Sassafras and La Cloche…Is there a reason why I should consider one over the other?
    The smaller size ( diameters and high sides of the Sassafras appeal to me but I don’t need the glazed surface for bread.
    My 9 ” brotform bowls are larger than the bottom of the Sassafras ….
    I have been using my old cast iron dutch oven but it is the same size as the Cloche…and won’t EVER break…
    Any Sassafras users out there?
    Or are there smaller brotform bowls ?

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