Flavor differences alone are reason enough for many home bakers to choose sourdough starter over conventional yeast as their bread leavening preference. If you then factor in the health findings associated with sourdough baking, the reasons for its use start to look especially compelling.

Studies suggest that the microbial and enzymatic activity of sourdough fermentation improves the digestibility of bread and increases the availability of nutrients. Sourdough breads also have a lower glycaemic index than non-sourdough breads which may account for its increased tolerability by those with wheat allergies.

The CleaversOn a lighter note, Matthew Evans, writing for the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, observes that “people who craft sourdough breads would make great parents”. This conclusion was drawn from the experience of local bakers who demonstrate extraordinary care and commitment to their starters. One professional baker he interviewed, having nearly lost his starter a couple of times, admitted to taking his starter on holidays and trips but now entrusts it to close friends or his parents while away from the bakery.

So the next time you eat yourself into a stupor on fresh baked sourdough bread, you can enjoy an extra measure of satisfaction (or at least lessen your degree of guilt) in the knowledge that sourdough baking provides both biological and sociological benefits.

Use of Sourdough Starter Linked to Good Parenting

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4 thoughts on “Use of Sourdough Starter Linked to Good Parenting

  1. Hi Lorraine,

    People use all kinds of covered vessels for no knead baking with many reporting good results. So you could certainly give it a try. Just make sure all parts of the baker are oven safe to the high temps called for with this type of baking.

  2. Lorraine

    Could I use a similar size ‘Guardianware’ type roaster to bake the bread instead of the cast iron type?

  3. Hi Jerry,

    Baking bread in a covered Dutch oven will definitely work well. It’s the original prescription promoted by Mark Bittman in his, now famous, NYT article on no-knead bread baking. So if you have one, try it.

    I’ve had a number of people (and I agree with them) claim that a ceramic baker, such as La Cloche, work even better. I think it’s because the unglazed ceramic material wicks away a little of the moisture from the dough, creating an even better crust.


  4. Jerry Gates

    am verifing something you stated eariler. You mentioned that you felt ang ducth oven would work. I have and love cast iron. Would a cast iron ducth oven work just as well as you clay oven?

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