Introduction to Baking Bread with Eric
That sweet, beautifully full aroma that permeates your sense of smell, tantalizes your palate and piques your interest is the scent of homemade bread baking in your oven. How did it get there? Is it a dream? It may be now, but it doesn’t have to be. Making bread is simple with quality ingredients, fine baking tools and help from your friends at Breadtopia.

We suggest if you’re new to the rewarding world of bread making that you consider utilizing the no knead method, which involves virtually no “hard labor,” yet yields superior results. After you get started, you may want to expand your repertoire by creating a traditional European style whole grain sourdough or other more challenging breads.

We offer recipes, baking classes on video, premium ingredients and much more for those wishing to create bread that a connoisseur of fine baking would find superior in every way.

Video instruction is one of the most useful teaching tools we can offer. To get instant notification of our newest video, please take a moment to fill out our short “Newsletter” form located on the top right margin of this page. The videos are free, the benefits are great.

Here at Breadtopia, you will find everything that you require to ensure successful bread baking and more. Our site is designed to make bread baking easy, fun and healthful. Baking perfect bread has never been easier.


15 thoughts on “Bread

  1. Matthew Delay

    Attention all bakers! Now is the time to be assembling the ingredients to make stollen. The recipe Eric has given us from Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is easily the best stollen I have ever had. I cannot say enough thanks for this recipe as it added tremendously to the holidays last year. Thanks!!

  2. Donald D'Alessandro

    Great site with wonderful instructions!!

  3. Cory Clay

    To Whom It May Concern,
    What is the difference in your whole wheat durum grains / flour and the traditional semolina whole wheat flour found in Italy? Are they the same?

    Please advise.


    Cory Clay

    • I’d have to see whatever flour I’m comparing to and know if it’s truly whole or not in order to make a somewhat meaningful comparison.

  4. Daniel

    Finally made my first ever sourdough bread usind breadtopia starter and recipe, the result was not good looking (my fault) but the taste fabulous.


  5. Sandra

    The new website looks very nice, I shall say “clean”, not sure how to describe. Looks wonderful and all the best to you!

    • Thanks Sandra, and everyone else, for your welcome feedback.

      “Clean” is good :-).

  6. sherry :0)

    Love the new website … Rock on Breadtopia!!

  7. Karen

    Lovely new site!

  8. Susan D

    Wonderful web design. Congratulations Eric!! I am thoroughly enjoying all of your wonderful products and look forward to your postings.

  9. Jim Francis

    I would like to receive the tutorials from Breadtopia—please advise what I can do to get them.
    Thank you,
    Jim Francis

  10. Diane Millar


    Thanks for sending e-mail about you new web page and exciting new available products. I love the new
    round clay baker…on my wish list.

    Cheers Diane

  11. Reuben Ware

    New website looks really good.

  12. Richard Port

    Just received my order.Thank you thank you! Great customer service.

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