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Gluten Free Bread Flour


Make Awesome Gluten Free Bread without eggs, without gums, without compromise.

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Craving real bread? Avoiding gluten? Your quest is over.

Enriched Gluten Free BreadI had given up on baking good gluten free bread at home until I found this gluten free bread flour mix. It uses no gums, doesn’t require eggs, and allows you to make a crusty artisan style loaf of bread that comes as close as I’ve experienced to regular wheat bread.

After aggressively vetting this recipe with a number of gluten intolerant friends, we decided it was time to launch a gluten free section on Breadtopia to showcase this flour along with its sister gluten free all purpose flour mix to cover most gluten free baking needs.

The loaf of bread in this photo is a simple enriched bread. You can make 3 medium loaves from a 2 lb bag of flour. Click here for the recipe page.

Ingredients: rice, non-GMO corn starch, tapioca, millet, AF fiber blend (all natural, non-GMO vegetable fiber), sugar, salt, potato, ascorbic acid.

Gluten Free Bread Flour

  1. Joseph (verified owner)

    This is the best gluten free flour I used. I used it to make a pizza and it mixed up just like bread flour. I was able to stretch 1lb into a 16 in pizza pan. Unlike other gluten free this on did not break. It stretched fine in two phases. I let it rest for 30 minutes between stretching.

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